IYSECC-Ⅺ 平行轨道介绍

Climate Change PLUS 气候行动正向助力


The 2019 International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change will convene on the theme “Climate Change PLUS“. IYSECC-Ⅺwill centeronthree major topics: “Multi-Level Climate Governance”, “Climate Change and Biodiversity”, and “Effective Strategies in Climate Action”. This year’s summit will particularly focus on the intersections between climate change and other social issues, with the aim to inspire youth to find convergence across fields, and understand the implications of climate change from diverse perspectives. By promoting collaborative involvement of different stakeholders in climate action, we aim to maximize thepositive impact towards a more sustainable future.

Track 1: Multi-Level Climate Governance


This track will explore ways to mobilize different stakeholders to act as positive agents of climate change. To take a broarder perspective of climate change, we contextualize this issue at individual, society, and global levels. In different sessions, we will have a chance to probe into the implications of individual behaviors on climate change, the climate actions taken by scholars, coporates, and NGOs, and China’s policymaking in the dynamics of global climate negotiation.

Track 2: Climate Change and Biodiversity


Global-scale climate change causes problems such as temperature change, abnormal precipitation pattern, and climate extreme events. These problems pose a direct threat to our ecosystem and also biodiversity. This track will lead audience through the development process of ecological ethics through a debate on human-nature relationship; shed light on the current situation of particular ecosystems under climate change, such as freshwater, glacier and permafrost, ocean and forest; and motivate climate action by presenting a real-life story of development as well as protection.

Track 3: Effective Strategies in Climate Action

面对气候变化带来的诸多影响,如贫困加剧、健康问题、粮食危机等等,如何评估已有干预手段的效果? 如何从上述各种视角切入更有策略地应对气候变化带来的影响? 本议题将着重关注气候变化与其他重要社会议题的交叉领域,分析气候议题与其他社会议题的关联性,并以此探索气候行动的有效策略,使有限的力量产生最大的积极改变。

Climate change poses huge challenge to many areas, such as increased poverty, global health, food crises, etc. How can we strategically respond to the effect of climate change from the perspetives listed above? This track will focus on the intersection of climate change and other important social issues. By analyzing the connectivity and interaction across different issues, we are particularly interested in identifying effective strategies in climate action, to maximize the positive impact of our efforts.